Withdrawal terms and conditions

Withdrawal terms and conditions

Before submitting a withdrawal request you must agree with the following terms and conditions. 

  1. Withdrawal request must be approved by an administrator.

  2. The minimum time to expect your withdrawal is 24h.
  3. The maximum time to expect your withdrawal is 5 - 10 days.
  4. A ticket about not receiving withdrawal before 5 days has passed will not be answered.
  5. You must have the minimum of $5,00 to submit a withdrawal request to Bitcoin wallet and Paypal,  ( There is $1.00 for FaucetHUB).
  6. visitors per IP per 24h ==> Check Out Our Cpm Rate HERE

EMAIL - support@bitcut.website - 24/48 Support Time;

Important: Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.

             => Include your username and email.


==> Mozcut - One of our recommended sites. 

==> Cryptoads - One Of our Bitcoin Adnetwork. New

1 - For Faucet Owner, From September 2nd We only accept faucet traffic created using the following script:

  1. Faucet In A Box Ultimate - Makejar Script

  2. GR8 Scripts
  3. Claimbits - Script
  4. FaucetCMS Script   
  5. Faucethero
  6. Faucet created with ptcl-script script =>  No more than 2 views per user
  7. If your script is not mentioned in this list but is safe, welcome.

2 - For Ptc Owner,  From September 2nd We no longer accept:

  1. All Ptc sites;


  1. False Traffic;
  2. Largest Number of Bots;
Published on: 9/29/19, 10:32 AM